Electric Foot File

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Rs. 250 Rs. 890

Discover the secret to silky-smooth feet with our Electric Foot File. As a top-notch Pedicure Tool with 2 Roller options, it effectively removes hard skin and calluses, providing you with the ultimate comfort and confidence. Rechargeable and equipped with a long-lasting 1500mAh battery, you can enjoy the convenience of professional foot care without the hassle of cords or frequent battery replacements. Elevate your self-care routine and say goodbye to rough heels as you step into a world of premium foot pampering right at your fingertips.


Dimension: 00 cm x 00 cm x 00 cm (LxWxH)


Customer Reviews

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vamsi A
This is a very effective file at a good price from a responsive seller

The file is easy to use and deals effectively with callouses and hard skin, it maintains speed very well unlike some which slow down at normal pressures. It came well charged and lasts over many uses before recharging is needed. The instructions are good and make clear the need to keep the roller moving over the area and avoid excess pressure.I had a charging problem which Bompow dealt with promptly and effectively so I am very happy with the excellent service

Prem Y
This grinding machine is amazing

My feet get dry skin built up really easily on the heels, and I tried many methods - pumice stones don't do much, only get shallow dry skin peeled, and the deep bits of callus never get removed. So at the price of one of those foot masks, I bought this machine, and it is so easy to use, only takes a couple of minutes at a time, and the result is just amazing. I used it every other day in the 2 weeks since I bought it, and I also use some moisturising foot cream afterwards (I always used the cream anyway). In this time, I completely got rid of the deep spots of callus and cracked skin that causes pain, not much effort - this is just amazing. My heels are soft and pink now, and totally photogenic, I can be a foot model!

Shivang A
Honestly amazing. My feet/heels are softer than ever!

Honestly amazing. I just wish I had before and after photos. I've neglected my feet for years, and have jobs being on my feet all day long, so they've had a rough time! Not any more! This device is fantastic and so easy to use. My partner took great delight in using this on my heels, and the difference is "wow!" Softer and smoother in once use, and I'll continue to use this as required.It charges very quickly and easily using the USB cable and the heads are simple to change over and clean. I'd used dry skin 'graters' (horrendous) and foot files before but ended up with torn skin and sore bleeding heels.This device is so great, I can now wear my summer footwear without a care! Definitely recommend to anyone considering buying it, its worth it!!

Guri I
Very nice product

What a great gadget. It arrived a day early, so I've already charged it up and used it. There are two speeds for different levels of hard skin and it's easy to removed the pumice wheel for cleaning. It's extremely effective and I'm very pleased with it.

Ritika N

Good but not effective enough sometimes and the battery life began to go down quite quickly after multiple uses

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