Electric Professional Shaving Machine

SKU: ART-027

Rs. 625 Rs. 1,899

Designed to meet the demands of discerning individuals, the Electric Professional Shaving Machine offers an unparalleled shave experience. Equipped with a precision shaving system, this device ensures a flawless, close shave every time. The Silver Alloy Motor of High Speed Rotation guarantees efficient performance, enabling swift and effortless shaving. Crafted with high-strength and ultra-thin metal, this cutting-edge razor combines durability with a sleek design. With a voltage of 200V and operating at 50Hz with a power consumption of just 3W, this shaving machine can be easily carried and used even while traveling. Experience the art of shaving with sophistication.


Dimension: 10 cm x 06 cm x 03 cm (LxWxH)

Material: Stainless Steel 

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