Micro Foldable Drone Set

SKU: KML-113

Rs. 3,290 Rs. 5,999

the micro foldable drone set, the ultimate companion for aerial enthusiasts! this high-performance drone features a fast and slow gear, allowing you to seamlessly switch between speed options. with its headless mode, you can navigate the skies with ease, while the 360-degree roll feature enables breathtaking aerial stunts. the one-key return to home function ensures a safe and convenient flying experience. take control with wifi mobile phone control and experience seamless flight maneuvers. its precise height setting feature offers stable hovering, while the high-definition dual camera with 4 channel switch guarantees stunning visuals. with the added led lights, every flight becomes an illuminated spectacle. elevate your drone flying experience with the micro foldable drone set.


Dimension: 12.5 cm x 08 cm x 5.5 cm (LxWxH)

Material: Plastic, metal, electronic component RC Quadrotor.

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