Porcelain Countertop Basin


Rs. 18,500

Introduce an exquisite piece of modern contemporary artistry to your washroom with The Decor Kart's exclusive series of countertop porcelain basins. This series is crafted using the finest quality porcelain resulting in a smoothly polished basin with delicate features and the stubborn durability of high-end porcelain.

Our basins are baked at extremely high temperatures exceeding 1300 Degrees, making them exceptionally durable. The construction of the basin is such that it prevents the splashing of water. The finishes of the basins have a long service life and won't fade for many years to come.


Dimensions: Length - 56 Width - 46 Height - 12.5 cms

Drainage Hole: 4.5 cms

Material: Porcelain

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