Solar Car Air Freshnes

SKU: KML-167

Rs. 975 Rs. 2,499

Elevate your driving experience with our Solar Powered Car Perfume. Designed with a cutting-edge Dispenser Auto Rotation Fan, this remarkable device evenly circulates the captivating scent of your chosen liquid perfume throughout your car interior. Inspired by the sleek elegance of a Jet Plane Design, this car perfume embraces both style and functionality. The Refillable Cartridges provide flexibility, enabling you to experiment with a variety of scents effortlessly. Moreover, our Adjustable Fragrance Intensity feature empowers you to enjoy a customized aroma that suits your mood and preference. Drive in a captivating atmosphere with our Solar Powered Car Perfume.


Dimension: 07 cm x 05 cm x 07 cm (LxWxH)

Material: Plastic 

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