Spa Gel Socks Ultra Moisturizng

SKU: ART-065

Rs. 275 Rs. 699

  • Unique gel material combined with closed spa therapy,
  • To fully open the pores from outside stimulation, let dry skin instantly recover
  • Rich rose essence oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, tomato red element and other nutrients can make your skin moisturizing, whitening and smoothen Can promote the new cell supersedes the old.
  • Relieve skin discomfort, improve rough skin, dry cracked feet heel pain relief enhance skin smoothness rapidly, exfoliating dead skin effectively.
  • Gel heel pad socks Adhere to use can prevent and treat hand / foot crack pain, against the rough skin effectively, repair damaged skin and prevent premature aging, cracking to have tender skin.
  • Detail 

    Dimension: Fit Size 

    Material: Silicone 

Customer Reviews

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Mansi SIngh

I absolutely love these!!! They are a bit difficult to walk in and a little different to get used to, however, I lathered my feet in lotion and wore these for approximately 2-3 hours. By the time I took them off the cracks in my heal were nearly gone! My feet were so soft. Here I am about 5 days later still no cracks, feet are still a bit rough. But I will continue to wear these! Especially since I seen so much improvement in just the first day!

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