The Admiral - Finest Porcelain Temple Jar

SKU: NT-41-1

Rs. 16,500

The timeless tranquillity of Oriental ceramics finds fresh expression in this traditional porcelain temple jar. Crafted entirely by hand, it boasts an inspired Ming-era pattern of peonies and hummingbirds in cobalt blue. Artisans paint the graceful motifs by hand, then hand-fire it for a unique finish and long-lasting beauty. The porcelain is strewn with hand-painted floral motifs, symbolising royalty - in timeless cobalt blue.

Spark a light inside the jar to see the amazing translucency of this temple jar, such is the fineness of the porcelain.

  • Crafted of hand-thrown porcelain.
  • Hand-crafted and painted in traditional cobalt blue on white.
  • High-fired with a matte finish.


Dimensions: 22.8 cm x 22.8 cm x 40 cm (LxWxH)

Material: Porcelain : 'pɔːs(ə)lɪn/ : noun - a white vitrified translucent ceramic

Amaranth: a-mə-ˌran(t)th/ : noun - a flower that never fades

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