The Guzheng - Finest Porcelain Temple Jar

SKU: NT-41-2

Rs. 16,500

The timeless tranquillity of Oriental ceramics finds fresh expression in this traditional porcelain temple jar. The fluid design wraps around the jar's shapely silhouette and lends subtle beauty with its intricate strokes. Artisans paint a graceful illustrations by hand, showcasing an Oriental musician playing the Guzheng. The jar is then hand-fired for a unique finish and long-lasting beauty.

Spark a light inside the jar to see the amazing translucency of this temple jar, such as the fineness of the porcelain.

  • Crafted of hand-thrown porcelain.
  • Hand-crafted and painted in traditional cobalt blue on white.
  • High-fired with a matte finish.


Dimensions: 22.8 cm x 22.8 cm x 40 cm (LxWxH)

Material: Porcelain : 'pɔːs(ə)lɪn/ : noun - a white vitrified translucent ceramic

Amaranth: a-mə-ˌran(t)th/ : noun - a flower that never fades

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