Waterproof Dual Band Walkie Talkies

SKU: KML-074

Rs. 8,500 Rs. 25,999

Waterproof Dual Band Walkie Talkies, the epitome of reliability and communication in any outdoor adventure. With a remarkable 6km range, you can stay connected with ease, even in challenging terrains. The high & low power 5w/1w switchable feature allows you to adapt to varying communication needs, ensuring crystal-clear transmission every time. Equipped with a battery-saving mechanism and an auto-back light for enhanced usability, these walkie talkies are designed to go the extra mile for you. Embrace the freedom of seamless communication and explore the great outdoors like never before with our exceptional Waterproof Dual Band Walkie Talkies.


Dimension: 06 cm x 04 cm x 14 cm (LxWxH)

Material: ABS

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